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Our Medical Marketing Services

Digital Strategy & Branding

Google loves brands. And 100% of your patients are relying on Google and your medical practice’s associated digital strategy and branding to make their healthcare spending decisions. As a result, even a local private physician practice today can compete with well-established hospitals if you develop the correct digital strategy and branding.

On the other hand, a lack of clarity in your digital strategy and brand ensures your website fails to drive you business results, while merely serving an ornamental purpose. Hence, your website will fail to serve you as a reliable new patient acquisition channel.

This is why we encourage you to schedule a strategy session
with us throughout our website as that crucial first-step. So
we can learn more about your business, discuss and help you gain clarity on your digital strategy and branding (irrespective of whether you choose to work with us or not afterwards).

inbound medic digital strategy and branding
inbound medic keyword and competitor research

Keyword & Competitor Research

It doesn’t matter what segment of the medical industry you’re in. The simple reality is: you have an ideal audience who are ready, willing and able to buy your high-niche, high-value healthcare services. And this audience goes online to educate itself before interacting and transacting with you.

Understanding your ideal audience and developing a laser-targeted keyword research around exactly what they are searching for is critical to success with medical practice marketing. If you are late in the game, chances are your top competitors are already doing this better than you. As such, you need to know what they are doing well to win new patients every month.

Many a medical marketing execution failed to deliver results because the key decision-makers failed at these two most important first steps: developing a clear digital strategy and brand around the correct list of laser-targeted keywords.

Technical SEO

Underneath the hood of your medical practice website and the search engines, there is a complex dark cobweb of digital connections. A single broken connection can plummet your new patient leads and sales.

While on-page SEO focuses on optimizing the content of your website, technical SEO is focused on optimizing your actual website and server so as to improve Google’s crawling and indexing process, as well as to increase online visibility.

As Google’s algorithm keeps growing in its sophistication and due to its inherent complexity, many business owners have failed to grasp the growing importance of technical SEO to boost sales. Or even comprehend its distinction from traditional “SEO services”.

Think of technical SEO as the cardiovascular health of your website. This isn’t just a one-time thing to be done and mastered. It needs to be practiced and monitored month-in-month-out to ensure your digital infrastructure is able to fire at peak performance.

inbound medic technical seo for medical marketing
inbound medic medical marketing web design and development

Growth Driven Web Design

Your medical practice website is the single-most important healthcare marketing and sales tool you have. Design is not just the way it looks, but how it all works. You need a beautiful, modern, fast and responsive mobile-first website that is going to serve as a timeless lead-generating machine for your medical practice.

It is easier than ever today to put up a website, and yet it is as challenging as it has ever been to actually design revenue-generating digital assets. What sets us apart from others is the amount of strategy that we put into developing stunning, data-driven, high-performing medical websites that will produce tangible business results in the form of new paying patients every single month.

Think of your medical practice website as your dream rockstar sales employee who will keep attracting and converting your ideal patients into qualified appointment requests even while you sleep. Everything else that we do revolves around bringing more qualified patients to your website so it can work its magic on them.

On-Page SEO & Content Ownership

While the end goal of your digital strategy and medical website is to make more sales, your content strategy should be focused on developing trust with your ideal patients. Because your content is the soul of your medical practice business and because your personal subject-matter insight and expertise is something nobody else can command, having outside agencies or writers producing your content on your behalf will never be as compelling or authentic. Therefore, we collaborate with your in-house medical practice team and leadership to help you produce evergreen content that will make you stand apart while developing an emotional connection with your ideal patients.

Your goal should be to become the most trusted source of information for your ideal patients who are seeking your specific medical services online. Our healthcare content marketing services are focused on creating well-researched, in-depth, well-written pieces of educational content that will improve the lives of your ideal patients by arming them with as much information as possible so they can make informed purchases. 

By merging our on-page SEO expertise with your unique medical niche-specific expert insight, we position you to become the Wikipedia of your medical niche. The content we create together will serve as evergreen digital lead-generating assets for you that will keep winning new patients for you every single month.

By owning your content creation, you own the soul of your business. And our hope through our work together  is that we reach such a point in our relationship when you will no longer need us.

inbound medic medical marketing on-page seo and content ownership
inbound medic medical marketing digital pr and linkbuilding

Digital PR & Link Outreach

As businesses across all industries embrace content marketing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to really stand out. The same is true within the medical industry.

A tsunami of content on the internet is resulting in content saturation. As a result, it’s imperative to produce content on your medical niche that trusted, high-authority healthcare-oriented publishers want to endorse and promote.

When these trusted publishers send backlinks to your piece of content to cite your brand and website as the trusted origin of medical expertise, that counts as a valuable vote of approval that Google values.

If Technical SEO is the cardiovascular health of your website then Digital PR is high-intensity muscle-building power for your website to start owning your prime digital real estate in Google.

We specialize in building one-on-one relationships with high-authority healthcare publishers. Through the rapport we have cultivated over several years, we currently have an established network of premium publisher relationships. Now, writers at ThriveGlobal, Healthline, US News and NPR trust our content and consistently reach out for innovative and informative client stories.

Online Reputation Management

Did you know that 74.6% of people are searching online to learn more about a surgeon, doctor, dentist or medical practice? Prior to scheduling an appointment with a medical practice, 69.9% of your prospective new patients consider a positive online reputation to be very or extremely important.

Patients in the age-group 30 – 44 are the most active when searching for medical providers (85.8%), checking online reviews (65%), and submitting testimonials (40.3%).

Your medical practice brand reputation is indispensable. Just like your first impression is important when you’re meeting new patients, the online reputation of your medical practice is important to new prospective patients who are doing their due diligence and comparing you to your competitors.

We help you manage your online reputation by getting you more reviews and growing your ratings on Google and other platforms. A consistent flow of positive testimonials boost your SEO to enhance your visibility to your prospective new patients. The higher ratings also ensure these prospects pick you over your competition.

With automatic alerts for every new review, you can address negative testimonials instantly to solve issues before they become problems.

inbound medic online reputation management medical practice marketing companies
inbound medic analytics and conversion rate optimization for digital healthcare marketing

Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

Is your medical practice marketing strategy giving you the return on your investment as per expectations? Are you seeing a steady stream of new appointment requests from your ideal patients every single month? Where are your website visitors originating from? How are you going to turn all those pageviews into paying new patients?

If your visitor-to-lead conversion rate on inbound traffic is less than 5%, then you need to reassess your digital strategy and consider making improvements to your website. If converting a minimum of 20+ new patients a month is the key to your digital strategy success, then effective inbound medical marketing boils down to managing and measuring your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We take charge of your data analytics and help you identify your KPIs. We have also designed our state-of-the-art client analytics platform to allow you to track and monitor all KPIs and campaign progress through a stunning visual interface 24 / 7.  This includes rank-tracking of 200+ keywords, site auditor, backlink monitoring, local map tracking, competitor analysis, automated reporting, HIPPA compliant call-tracking services and over 40 plus data-source integrations to centralize your entire medical practice marketing vision in one place.

You are also able to download our analytics platform as an app on your smartphone to track your campaign on the fly.

Are you only relying on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals to grow your medical practice?

Why Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Is Not Enough To Grow Your Medical Practice

inbound medic limitations of word of mouth in healthcare marketing

While word-of-mouth medical marketing is effective, it alone is simply not enough to attract a consistent and predictable opportunity volume of new patients every single month to grow your practice at a steady rate.

Fails to drive consistent opportunity volume

The key to driving steady growth in your medical practice business is to ensure there is a consistent supply of qualified leads filtering into your sales pipeline month-in-month-out.

With word-of-mouth or referrals, your healthcare practice may be referred by an existing patient today, but it could potentially take the new referral several months or even years before they actually go ahead and schedule an appointment with you. You may get 5 new patients through referrals next month followed by nothing over the next 6 months.

This could potentially cripple your cash flow, which really is the lifeblood of any business.

Your inability to control the conversation

According to the Chatter Matters report, 71% of people make recommendations because of a positive experience. But even if your patients are praising your services to others, you don’t know exactly what they are saying about your medical practice brand.

Simply because your existing patients are raving about your healthcare services, it doesn’t mean they are speaking to the right target audience who requires your niche-within-a-niche medical services. And even if they are, their recommendation might not include key aspects related to your medical procedures that are required to convince these prospects to schedule an appointment with you.

Unless your referrals have a burning need for your specific niche-within-a-niche-within-a-niche medical services exactly at the time of the referral and are convinced that you are the go-to medical expert, you have absolutely no control in getting them to schedule an appointment — let alone converting them as a paying new patient.

Limited reach

There is a limitation on the total number of patients you can acquire through referrals. And even when you are referred, there is a strong likelihood that these prospects will search for you online in Google.

On the other hand, your medical practice website and digital reputation are accessible and working for you 24/7 as and when your patients need you.

Hence, it is entirely customer-centric and designed to handle scale. Irrespective of how good you are at your niche-specific medical expertise, you are bound to lose qualified prospects if you lack visibility online.

Even your referrals will conduct due diligence online

Even if your existing patients send you referrals, they will still search for you, your brand name and your specific services online.

As per the 2018 Patient Access Journey Report conducted by Kyruus, 91% of prospective new patients conduct online due diligence after being recommended of a medical practice.

If these potential prospects are unable to find you and if your digital reputation is not great or non-existent, these prospects are probably not going to commit to scheduling an appointment with you. Since there is so much content readily accessible out there online from all your competitor providers, you are potentially losing patients who are turning to doctors who meet their specific and unique needs.

Growth At A Much Slower Pace

When it comes to creating a steady system of consistent new patient acquisition every single month, it’s something you want to put in place and in action sooner than later.  Unfortunately, when it comes to word-of-mouth referrals, repeat business or networking-related leads, you simply don’t know when these referrals will happen and when these prospects will feel the need to utilize such referrals.

An existing patient could refer you or your medical practice today to a new potential prospect, but it could take months or even years before the actual need arises for this new prospect to actually schedule an appointment with you. As such, if you are seeking to put in place a predictable and measurable system of generating consistent opportunity volume of a steady stream of new patient appointments every single month, then referrals are not that system.

In contrast, our medical marketing services are focused on powering up, optimizing and turning your medical practice website into your number one marketing and sales machine such that it attracts complete strangers who are actively searching for your medical services, educates and qualifies them to then generate you a steady stream of new patient appointments every single month.

Please be mindful that it still takes a lot of effort and time to put this system in place. But once the initial period of heavy lifting is over in creating and optimizing your digital assets (your service pages and blog posts), your growth comes at an exponentially faster and more predictable rate than through word-of-mouth referrals.