About Us

Hi. I am Dev. I am the Founder of Inbound Medic

I enjoy connecting with and serving outstanding and opinionated healthcare artist-innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders and experts offering high-niche medical services.

At Inbound Medic, we are exclusively focused on healthcare and medical marketing for top surgeons at established medical practices grossing $2M – $50M in annual revenues. While we are open to working with all healthcare niches, our ideal clients include plastic surgeons, dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, urologists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, vein specialists, medical practices offering regenerative stem cell therapy, psychotherapists, podiatrists, oral surgeons and / or any other niche-specific surgeon.

Outside of marketing, I enjoy developing my vision of a better social network to start a conversation and community around eudaimonic and humanistic 21st Century wealth creation, making music, competing in pro pool tournaments, travelling the world with my girlfriend and walking around aimlessly all over NYC and Amsterdam — the two inspiring places I call home.

Things I Love

  • Counterculture poets, philosophers, thinkers and artists
  • Music: Jazz, Lounge, Funk, Downtempo, Disco, Deep House & World
  • Meditation & Nightlife
  • Social Democracy & Constructive Capitalism
  • Cue sports: pool, billiards, snooker.
  • Pro 9-Ball Billiards Player.
  • Musician: Singer, songwriter, guitar, piano & drums.

About Inbound Medic

Inbound Medic is a leading World-First medical marketing agency helping top surgeons, dentists and doctors at leading medical practices master their new patient acquisition through Google. 

We help elite surgeons, dentists and doctors at leading medical practices design stunning, data-driven, mobile-first websites and evergreen digital assets that attract minimum 5,000+ laser-targeted organic traffic via Google which then convert to a steady stream of over 100+ qualified new patient appointment requests every single month.

Our healthcare marketing services include digital strategy, branding, growth driven web design, keyword and competitor research, technical SEO, content creation, digital PR, online reputation management and offering state-of-the-art analytics and conversion rate optimization.

Recent Client Success

We made Kate Brayman, DDS the #1 dentist in New York City and the #3 dentist in all of USA. (Read this.)

Kate Brayman DDS Best Ranking Dental Website
Kate Brayman DDS Best Dental Website Metrics

Who We Are Looking To Work With

In your situation, chances are a lot of people want lots of things from you. Your girlfriend/ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, your soon to be ex-wife/ex-husband, your Tinder matches, your employees, your nanny, your parents, your kids, the few true friends that you have, your divorce lawyers — they all demand your time, money, attention and energy.

So you are careful how you allocate your time, energy and resources.

Add to that, you’re difficult to please. You have high standards. You do not go with the flow. Why? Who knows? You’re questioning, cautious, skeptical, …..etc

Whatever the case, you just turned 40+, and you have a medical practice that you created by yourself out of nothing that grosses revenue in excess of $2M+ annually. At this point in your life, you sort of do whatever you want.

Plus, you’re positively impacting the lives of people. You’re pleased that you’ve created something out of nothing all by yourself.

Could it be more robust and could we help you make more money? Maybe. But you’re steering the ship and need to be cautious and calculated in the decisions you make. So you need to test the waters, see what we are really all about, get a feel for what we are going to be like during good times and bad times.

You need to know us better and what we are bringing to the table. You’re thinking, “Am I going to be genuinely content and happy with this? Or will this relationship eventually fill me with misery and discontent?”.

If this sounds like you, get on a call with us. So we can get to know each other better.

We both want something from each other. We want a happy, thriving and successful long-term relationship that will bring both of us mutual satisfaction and success.

How do we get there?

By getting on a strategy call. To see if we click. 


Message From The Founder

My Vision Of A Better Social Network To Update The Pursuit Of Prosperity

(I am using my revenues from Inbound Medic to seed, fund and birth my “new rise of civilization” mission of designing a better Creator Economy political economy platform-as-a-service with a vision towards a personal data-vault future).

Here’s a confession. I am a misfit. And having spent a few decades on planet Earth, here’s my submission. Great accomplishment usually takes the impertinence not to fit into the suffocating status quo.

When I think back as to why I turned my back to my own power, privilege and pedigree to walk the road less travelled just so maybe I could create a shot for myself at getting on the road not taken, and why I chose for a life in the United States of America (specifically New York City — even more specifically, Manhattan), it’s really all because I wanted to live, work and play in what I thought would be a culture of Genius. 

However, through my lived experience, I realized by 2008 that what we are living through is really just the Death of the Artist

One of the reasons we have such mediocre progress on important issues today is the unwillingness to put up with Geniuses.

In the old days, Geniuses were surrounded with other geniuses, their eccentricities tolerated, and allowed to run.  Today it’s “if you don’t play well with others, even if you can do things they can’t, you’re out.”

As such, my vision of a new social network is a new world ancient idea of a fresh new society and culture to celebrate the soul of the visionary Genius through reexamining the political and economic paradigm of the Artist’s Dream befitting the needs and demands of the 21st Century.

Great accomplishment usually takes the impertinence not to fit into the suffocating status quo.

In fact, I would submit that a deep-seated failure to conform might just be the whirring glub-glubbing pump hidden inside the finely marbled base of the fount of great achievement. So here’s my question?

What kind of misfit are you?

About Dev Chatterjee

Dev Chatterjee is an internet entrepreneur whose primary vision has been to develop a better and more nuanced understanding of what is “real luxury” in the 21st Century and by helping the global luxury industry embrace data-driven digital tools to target their sophisticated global affluent audience online. To that end, he created a private social network and digital creative consultancy in partnership with Warner Bros. and worked with several top brands such as American Express, Belvedere Vodka, Piaget, Cartier, Vertu, Sunseeker, Boucheron as well as launching one of Chanel’s first digital campaigns. Since 2016, Dev is focused on applying his proven luxury brand marketing strategies towards building and growing high-touch service-based businesses catering to an affluent audience.

Dev Chatterjee Inbound Medic About Us

Past Clients

chanel dev chatterjee inbound medic

In Spring 2008, Chanel ran one of their first-ever digital campaigns with us.

We built Sunseeker‘s brand-dedicated video channel for effective video marketing.

sunseeker inbound medic
boucheron inbound medic

Boucheron consulted us for marketing key products for sale online.

Arm Revolution chose us to lead their online marketing initiatives. 

arm revolution inbound medic
piaget inbound medic

Piaget Polo has served as one of our longest-standing clients.

Belvedere Vodka sponsored our novel and highly innovative London Trendsetter Series. 

belvedere inbound medic
dolce inbound medic

We produced a video show with Dolce London and distributed it across major web and European TV channels. 

We took over Moet & Chandon‘s Twitter and were their live event reporter during the Oscar’s and Cannes Film Festival.

moet chandon inbound medic
chivas inbound medic

We were the official brand partners of Chivas and collaborated on their “Live With Chivalry” campaign.