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How Much Is It Costing You To Not Having A New Patient Generating System In Place?

If any of the following sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

  • You’re unhappy with your current new patient acquisition system.
  • You don’t have a well-designed or optimized medical practice website.
  • You don’t have the right content that converts into sales-qualified new patient leads.
  • Your website is not easy to use or update.
  • You’re struggling to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the information and marketing strategies out there on digital.
  • Your lack of knowledge when it comes to digital preventing you from asking the right questions.

Our framework takes the guesswork out of your medical marketing that leads to consistent new patient acquisition every month.

Getting On The Right Track Through The Power Of One

Are you on the right track to converting a steady stream of qualified new patients every single month who will commit to your treatment plans, be able to pay your high-value medical services and remain committed to your medical practice long-term?

Would you like to have such an ideal new patient-generating engine?

Ah well, of course you do! Which medical practice wouldn’t want such a system to get on the fast track?

The big question is — HOW?

How are you going to attract and convert more new patients every single month?

And by “new patients”, we are not suggesting any and all kinds of prospects.

We are talking about your ideal, dream patients whom you will love serving, who have the money to afford your high-niche, high-value medical services and who will be happy to pay you out-of-pocket.

There are countless medical marketing agencies and companies offering various medical marketing services, tactics and strategies who have fallen by the wayside in delivering tangible business results.

There is print, radio, TV, billboards, Google, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Zocdoc, RealSelf, Healthgrades, Vitals, medical conferences and several more.

So where do you start?

Here’s our answer — please try and focus on just ONE medical marketing strategy

So if you had to pick just ONE medical marketing strategy and master it, which one would you pick?

Here’s a very simple idea: just focus on mastering your digital inbound marketing strategy, execution and conversions through SEO.

Focus on mastering just ONE platform — Google. 

That’s it. And get your medical practice on the fast track to generating a steady and consistent stream of new patient appointments every single month using this one marketing strategy.

This is what we specialize in. We don’t do anything else.

If you are in a dark place on the wrong side of the tracks with your medical business strategy, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Your business doesn’t have to suffer because your medical marketing is a train-wreck.

Take a look below at how we are helping help one of our clients, Kate Brayman DDS, master Google.

These are our core range of monthly rolling medical inbound marketing services (below) with which we help niche-specific medical experts, like you, convert 20+ new patients a month through Google.

As a client, you are typically receiving 30 hours a month of the services below custom-tailored to your medical practice. The specific blend depends on each individual client and your unique needs which we identify during our strategy session.

Digital Strategy & Branding

Google loves brands. And you need to develop a nuanced digital strategy to align your brand and business goals with the needs of your ideal dream patients whom you want to attract and convert.

In that sense, your digital strategy and branding (along with your keyword research) are probably the most important foundational elements of executing a successful digital medical inbound marketing strategy through SEO.

If you have a brand new website with little to no authority, trust and relevance built into your foundation, this phase involves some heavy lifting during the first 4 months of the campaign followed by a typical allocation of 1 – 2 hours a month towards strategy and branding.

We are using Dr. Kate Brayman as an example to explain our services because this is typically where most new clients are generally at when they are starting out with us.

It is important to understand that this is a long-term growth strategy that will yield massive business results for your medical practice. However, it takes minimum 12 months before we start seeing results.  

Our best-fit clients who are most qualified to work with us are quick to realize that we are refreshingly different from other agencies, we know what we are doing, the complexity of the work that is required and the need to be patient. They also appreciate us for our transparency and accountability as they feel confident that they have identified the right partner who can actually help them get tangible business results. And they stay with us for the long-haul. 

inbound medic digital strategy and branding

Keyword & Competitor Research

Keywords are the core building blocks of your inbound medical marketing strategy. 

Irrespective of the medical niche you are in, you have an audience comprising of your ideal patients who are going online to educate themselves around your specific high-niche medical services.  

Our keyword research strategy is focused on understanding your core base of ideal patients, as well as doing extensive research and analysis of your top competitors to see which keywords are bringing them the most high-converting revenue-generating traffic.

We help you identify and target these revenue-generating keywords that are most likely to attract and convert your ideal patients. This is closely tied to your core high-value medical services which will bring you at least $3,000 per sale per new patient. For example, Dr. Kate Brayman wanted more new Invisalign patients every month as it is one of her premium medical services which brings her over $5,000 per sale

We developed a robust strategy based on commercially valuable geo-targeted keywords. If you go online and search for “invisalign cost in NYC“, you will see her ranking #1 in Google (update as of October 2021: you may see different results now that she sold her dental practice to Dr. Viviane Trinh, DMD in Manhattan and moved to Long Island. Dr. Brayman still continues to retain our services for her Long Island practice). 

Through our inbound medical marketing services, she was dominating for all invisalign-related keywords in New York City and converting between 3 – 5 new Invisalign patients per month.

Question: Are you offering high-niche, high-value medical services that bring you at least $3,000 per sale per new patient? If your answer is YES, then our medical marketing services might be a good fit for you.

medical marketing services inbound medic keyword research 1

It is important to note that while keywords are an important part of your inbound marketing strategy, the goal is not to put all your focus on any single heavy-weight keyword, but to diversify your medical inbound marketing strategy around a wide and broad range of keywords. 

Certain keywords will always indicate direct and immediate buyer-motivated desires.

medical marketing consultants inbound medic

Then there are question-oriented keywords that could lead to an eventual conversion. These form the bulk of your blogging keyword strategy as you start seeing your medical website as your #1 rockstar sales employee. And you are training your virtual 24/7 sales employee to be this state-of-the-art question-answering technology system targeting your most ideal patients?

healthcare marketing services inbound medic

The better you get at providing in-depth, media-rich, well-explained answers to a comprehensive list of questions revolving around your core medical services, you will start noticing Google rewarding you by placing your answers in prime digital real estate and sending you more targeted traffic than you can imagine. At times, you might even get rewarded with a Featured Snippet (as below).

front tooth crown inbound medic

At Inbound Medic, we optimize your medical practice website with an in-depth targeting of between 100 – 300 top-level plus long-tail keywords that have significant search volume, commercial user-intent and a competitive bid price within Google Adwords. This optimization translates to an extra 2,000 to 10,000+ targeted organic visitors a month through Google.

Question: Do you have clarity on the top 100 – 300 keywords related to your core medical services that are most likely to attract and convert your ideal new patients every single month? And are you using these selected keywords with proper optimization such that the entire design is translating to qualified high-volume revenue-generating traffic?

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an extremely important foundation of your digital infrastructure, and yet it’s usually often the most overlooked.

Think of technical SEO as the cardiovascular strength of your medical practice website. This ensures that your website is heart-healthy and has the endurance to be a lead-generating machine in a hyper-crowded and ultra-competitive marketplace such as the medical and healthcare niche.

Your Google Search Console plays a crucial role in analyzing the technical health of your website. This is also the portal through which you get to be in direct communication with Google. So it is important you set up your Google Search Console integration correctly. This is not a one-time sprint, but something that needs to be monitored and constantly tweaked month-in-month-out. You will always have errors arising here and there every other month. This is precisely why technical SEO is an ongoing engagement to ensure you maintain the digital endurance of your medical practice website. 

Question: Are you on top of all your technical SEO elements within your Google Search Console?

inbound medic technical seo services for healthcare digital marketing

A strong technical SEO foundation directly contributes to your website pagespeed. Google has indicated pagespeed to be a core ranking factor since 2010. A slow-loading website not only hurts your rankings in Google, but also hampers your conversions due to a poor user experience.

Here are some of the many technical optimizations that you need to focus on:

Serve your website Over HTTPS

You need to modernize your digital infrastructure by installing an SSL certificate as all HTTP sites are now being flagged by Google as a potential security risk. If you are still on an HTTP website, you need to set up the correct protocol to migrate over to HTTPS. This is extremely important. An incorrect implementation will completely limit your digital presence.

Enabling Compression

Using specific file compressing applications to reduce the size of your CSS, HTML and Javascript files that are larger than 150 bytes.

Minifying CSS, HTML and Javascript files

You can significantly boost your pagespeed by removing commas, spaces and other unessential elements by technically optimizing your medical website code.

Expunging Render-Blocking Javascript

Google recommends shunning or reducing the application of render-blocking Javascript.

Leveraging Browser Caching

You don’t want browsers to reload your entire page every time a website visitor returns to your site. Precisely why you leverage browser caching where browsers cache information like images, Javascripts, stylesheets and a lot more.

Improving Server Response Time

Your server response time gets influenced by your website volume of visitors, the resources dedicated to each page, your server software and your web hosting. To enhance your server response time, identify and resolve performance bottlenecks. As a benchmark, 200ms is the optimal server response time. 

Adopting a content delivery network

Content delivery networks, also known as CDNs, are a grid of servers that ease the load of delivering your content to your visitors. In essence, several copies of your website and registered and saved across various data-centers such that your visitors have swift and agile access to your content.

Optimizing Images

By ensuring that all your website images are in the right format (PNG or JPEG), compressed for the web and not any larger than they need to be, you are boosting load time and amplifying a positive user experience without sacrificing quality.

These are the results below of a strong technical SEO foundation. You can check your website speed on Google Pagespeed Insights.

mobile pagespeed technical seo
technical seo desktop pagespeed

And this is on GTMetrix.

inbound medic healthcare marketing consulting services technical seo

Question: Are you on top of your technical SEO foundation to ensure your medical practice website has the required pagespeed to drive conversions?

Growth Driven Web Design

Your medical practice deserves a stunning, data-driven, mobile-first website that is designed for speed and conversions. From branding, research and digital strategy, to design and execution, we masterfully bring your WordPress website vision to life.

Springing from our foundation of growth-driven design principles that are rooted in identifying deep-seeded audience motives and combining them with continuous iteration, we are experts at designing beautiful, contemporary digital assets that also serve as lead-generating machines.

inbound medic growth driven web design

With our extensive knowledge and experience of leading-edge medical SEO best practices, the websites we build are data-driven and optimized to significantly enhance your rankings and organic search traffic.

We are WordPress experts and it is our preferred go-to CMS of choice that we recommend to all our clients. We do not make these recommendations surrounding your medical practice digital strategy on obscure second-guesses. Our insight is based on battle-proven facts, research and validated data across having served multiple clients.

We consider a medical website design successful only if it quantifiably attracts highly targeted prospects and then converts them into sales-qualified potential new patients.

Content Creation & Ownership

At its simplest, inbound medical practice marketing can be defined as your mindset shift from chasing after patients to attracting them and answering all of their most burning questions pertaining to your medical services to earn their trust.

This is achieved through the content you create and display on your website. Ignore and forget all the fancy-sounding medical marketing buzzwords. Instead, just answer your ideal patients’ questions. 

Our aim is to position you as the best teacher in your medical niche by creating in-depth high-expert content that educates your ideal patients and answers their most pressing questions. 

Ideally, all your strategic and content marketing decisions and implementation should be performed in-house and not delegated to an outside marketing agency. This is because no one can be you or own your voice as your own self.

While we understand that medical practice leaders are usually overwhelmed with running their practice and catering to patients to find digital marketing and demand-generating content creation to be an overwhelming hassle that they prefer to outsource, we prefer to partner with those medical practice leaders who still take an active role in collaborating with us to produce all content and see us as an extension of their in-house team.

Digital PR & Outreach

One of the best methods of increasing your organic website traffic from Google is by growing your digital footprint metrics such as your medical website’s domain authority, page authority, trust and relevance. 

This is accomplished by promoting your content and earning backlinks from trustworthy, reputable websites that are also in the healthcare and medical niche. Please note that we use the term “earning” as opposed to just “paying” for backlinks, which is a strategy that could detrimentally hurt your relationship with Google.

Our medical marketing consultants will analyze your website and your medical niche to determine an optimal backlink strategy unique to your medical practice website.

We do this by:

  • Analyzing the link differences between you and your competitors
  • Mapping out an accurate anchor text plan to optimize you for your medical niche
  • Closing the authority gap between the top rankers and your medical practice website

Since we will be designing your backlink profile for you, you’ll be receiving editorially curated links that have historically proven to move the needle.

The screenshot below represents a typical digital foundation and backlink profile of any and all websites. This is via AHREFS, which is the best SEO tool for industry research and analysis. (The other being SEMrush).

inbound medic digital pr and outreach medical marketing services

If you haven’t developed your digital footprint and built a solid foundation through a diversified high-quality digital PR and outreach strategy, there is a good chance your DR (Domain Rating) and UR (URL Rating) have no power, trust, credibility and authority to drive your digital assets to own prime digital real estate in the premium neighborhoods of Google (top of Page 1 or at minimum reaching Page 1).

As such, even if you have built a stunning website and written the best content, no one will be able to find your high-value medical expertise. As you will remain locked inside the bad and less exclusive neighborhoods of Google. 

This part of your medical inbound marketing strategy requires a lot of time, patience, investment and manual effort. The crux of the work involves reaching out to hundreds of qualified editors at various media platforms to pitch your content as naturally linkable assets.

A good and safe target is to shoot towards naturally acquiring 6 – 8 high-quality organic backlinks every month from trustworthy, relevant and authoritative niche-related websites (displayed in the screenshot as Referring Domains).

About 8 editorially-acquired high-quality backlinks a month get you to about a 100 odd Referring Domains over the course of a year. At that point, you should have decently powerful enough DR and UR metrics to command enough organic keywords in Google’s prime digital real estate such that it drives you minimum 2,000+ organic visitors a month.

At that minimum level of organic traffic, a moderate 1% visitor-to-patient conversion rate will result in about 20 new patients a month for you. And that is when all of your medical marketing services have actually come together in harmony to translate into the tangible business results you want for your medical practice.

Question: Do you now have clarity on developing such a robust digital foundation and why this takes time and why it is not cheap to execute? Are you aware of your current DR and UR metrics, the state of your current backlink profile and the sort of Referring Domains associating with you?

Online Reputation Management

Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

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