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Marketing your practice doesn't have to be so hard. We'll show you how to win new patients every month by answering the questions they are asking online — and really just doing it better than everyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

— Why schedule a strategy session?

If we have piqued your interest on how to get new patients and you would like to chat with us further, then a strategy session helps us to explore and establish if there is a good mutual fit for us to work together. 

As of now, we do not know each other properly. You have only formed a surface-level impression of us. And we do not know you, your medical practice, who your ideal patients are or your specific business goals.

The strategy session allows us to better understand your business goals and needs, while allowing us the opportunity to present a fully customized inbound marketing strategic blueprint specific to your medical practice business goals.

Hence, … strategy session.

— Is this a sales call?

Nope. As indicated above, we do not know each other yet. Or if there is even a good mutual fit.  We don’t do sales with people whom we don’t like or know well (and we expect you to be the same).

This is an introductory discovery call where we get to know each other better, discuss your business goals and show you what’s possible in regards to how to get new patients through Google.

— Why is this worth my time?

Are you struggling with your new patient acquisition? Are you overwhelmed with all the information online and just want a no-strings-attached transparent results-driven overview? Do you want to speak directly with high-level experts who know what they are doing?

This is a session where we essentially do a thorough audit of your website live in front of you, collaboratively develop your digital strategy, analyze your competitors and show you a clear strategic blueprint through which you can convert 20+ new patients a month.

If you had to acquire this same level of information, insight and clarity on how to get new patients through most other traditional business channels, such a website audit will probably cost you upwards of $5,000. 

— Is there a cost for this strategy session?

Nope. This is a complimentary strategy session. However, you must be qualified and meet our eligibility requirements for us to confirm this strategy call with you.

— What are the eligibility criteria for this strategy session?

Our medical marketing services are not for everyone. In order to qualify for a strategy session with us, you must meet the eligibility criteria below.

  • You are the leader, owner and key decision-maker at your medical practice.
  • You are a niche-specific surgeon, doctor or healthcare services provider at an elite medical practice.
  • You are a high-level expert within a niche-specific high-value medical niche.
  • You have been in business for a while. NO startups.
  •  Your medical practice grosses at minimum $100,000+ in monthly sales.
  • Your average revenue per patient is minimum $3,000.
  • You have a stellar reputation.
  • You can allocate a medical marketing budget of minimum $5,500 per month.
  • And ….
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— How long will this strategy session last?

Most of these introductory discovery strategy sessions last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

— How Will You Conduct This Strategy Session?

This will be a live web video call via Zoom where we will share our screen so you can see exactly what we are doing.

This is the best way (as opposed to a normal phone call) because you can actually see tangible results and how the whole process works. Otherwise, it is very easy to get someone lost and confused with all the technical data and jargon associated. 

— What will you show me exactly during this strategy session?

From our experience, while most medical practice experts and healthcare leaders are master craftspeople at their chosen medical niche, they lack clarity in the medical marketing of their high-value medical services and how to get more of their ideal new patients  — as in, how to exactly use their marketing investment to attract complete strangers who are actively searching for them and then turning them into a steady stream of qualified prospects who eventually go on to convert profitably into paying new patients.

Through this strategy session, our goal is to specifically help you achieve clarity on the above.

As such, we will understand who your ideal patients are, learn more about your specific high-value medical services you wish to promote, point out chinks in your web design, show you your domain authority, page authority, domain rating (DR), URL rating (UR), highlight an ideal keyword strategy, analyze your top competitors, explore your backlink profile, measure your pagespeed metrics and, finally, show you how it all ultimately ties down to converting 20+ new patients a month through Google.

— Will you pressure me to buy something at the end?

No, we will not. We do not enjoy being salespeople. We are Artists. While we are experts at what we do, we find it tedious trying to convince people they should work with us. This is something you need to feel for yourself that we are good for you.

We just want to show you how to get new patients.

If we click and establish there to be a strong mutual fit over the course of the strategy session, and if you are genuinely interested in receiving an official proposal from us, we can then discuss next steps at that point.

However, if we establish that our services are not a good fit for you, we will just give you as much relevant information as you need, wish you all our very best and point you in a better direction or try introduce you to someone else from within our network who might be a better fit for your specific needs.